Darshak Velani
Home School Students

"We enjoyed Manali tour a lot. We had lots of Trekking and camp fire in the night. We were enjoying too much because explanation of everything was there. Very good hotel accommodations were provided. Our 10 days were fantastic with JAYAMANI TOURS & Trekking."

Mr. Bharatbhai Patel (Principal)
Shree Dolat Anant Valiya High School, Gujarat

"My first experience was extra ordinary with Jayamani Tours & Trekking. We have visited so many places that it was shown in the package. We enjoyed Rafting, River Crossing, Snow point with the greatest team. The management has provided a very good food and accommodation. The great familiar feeling, we have experienced. In future, I have decided to join the next tour with Jayamani Tours & Trekking only."

Mr. Prashant Bhatt (Engineer)
Triveni Rolling Mill

"It was unforgettable moment that I have spent in Manali with all of my trekking friends. Really, I feel that heaven is on the Earth."

Shivani Makwana (Mahuva)
F.Y.B.B.A. (Hanumant College Mahuva)

"It was wonderful experience for me. It seems like a dream. We all have enjoyed too much there under the management of Kalpesh sir n his team. But it might not possible if management is not well. So I heartily thank to Kalpesh sir and his team for providing best facilities and taking care of us. If I again get a chance to go anywhere with "Jayamani tour & trekking", I will never refuse. I make sure after returning from any tour with Kalpeshsir and his team u will also speak this line..."

Dharati Sagar (Mahuva)
F.Y.B.B.A. (Hanumant College Mahuva)

"To go to Manali is differential enjoyment with Jayamani Tour & Trekking. That was fantastic management under the guidance of Mr Kalpesh sir. I got more enjoyment in this tour than other tours. We went out of Gujarat however we felt Gujarat in Manali. All team members were healthy supporters for each one. Trackers were also Royal and kind hearted. After going with this trip and member, it teaches u how to live a life with different persons. My memorable moment with this trip I never forget in my life. How many times this trip is going, I will be going."

Mr. Jayantbhai Parmar & Family
Teacher, Shree Dolat Anant Valiya School

"In the year 2013 April, when the tour for Kulu-Manali were organized by Jayamani tour & trekking, I was very eager to join but due to the responsibility as a teacher it was not possible for me but at that time I requested Shri Kalpeshbhai to organize such types of tour in the month of May so that we can join. In the next year the tour was in May 2014 and I joined the same and we have got fantastic accommodation in a very good hotel as well as very homely food. I still remember all that memories while writing this. The administration was very strict in the discipline and all the programme were conducted according to the schedule. We had river crossing, river rafting etc.. We have also visited Panduropa with the height of about 12000ft. During my 10 days, I felt that though I was away from my own family but I am having very homely atmosphere during the tour. Finally, saying that I salute to the organizer Mr. Kalpesh Dholakia for his planning thoughts, calmness and brotherhood. Thanks you Kalpesh Dholakiya and Jayamani team..."

Majithiya Mihir
Home School Vice Coordinator

"I have my best and memorable tour under the management of shri Kalpeshbhai with Jayamani tour & trekking. My dream was to visit Manali and do trekking on ice and that was fulfilling by Shri Kalpeshbhai. We enjoyed every place and moment during tour and the best facilities like accommodation, food etc were provided. Even on the height of 12000ft. the best food and facilities were provided. Kalpeshbhai has taken care of me like my elder brother. I wish best of success to Shri and Jayamani Tours & trekking."

Mr. Gaurav Rathod
Community service Director, Rotary International Dist-3060

"1st in National Himaliyan Mountain Cycling experienced-2013-14 I am in the field of trekking since last 10 years and I have got very vast experience of trekking as a group leader and organizer. This was the first time I joined Jayamani Tour & Trekking under the organization of Shri Kalpeshbhai. During the tour he has provide best services food, accommodation and live atmosphere. I have done 19th national camp with youth hostel as camp leader. I am working with Saint marry's Shishuvihar, Rotary Club, Redcross. But in Jayamani Tours the relation between teachers and students are very homely which is not possible in any other institution. The most important thing was a separate accommodation for girls and boys and I salute Mr. Kalpeshbhai for the same I will never miss a single tour of Jayamani Tour n Trekking. Jayamani is best. Plzzzzz join and enjoy the beauty of the world... My life's best trip was Manali with Jayamani. I never forget this all memories spent with Kalpesh Dholakia. I really salute you..."

Bhumi Trivedi
IT Engineer

"I would like to start by thanking u for the memories I got and fun I had. Food was tasty as home. Transportation was comfortable. Place was more awesome and cool. I never thought playing with snow would be like this much freezing enjoyable. Hoping for more fun next time."

Rutvij Maniyar ( Mech. Engineer)
Triveni Rolling Mill

"Food is so nice and more important thing is that gujarati food available there on 12000 ft height is so difficult but Jayamani has done this. Places are also awesome selection by jayamani tour & trekking activity was really done in jayamani by reaching at 12000 ft in Jungle, rock and snow also. Transportation is also so good and communication in buses were very nice. Snow is so so nice and unforgettable at panduraopa and Gulaba place where we learnt how to stay at tent at the this height. Thanks to Jayamani Group."

Jayraj Chudasama
Post Officer, Bhavnagar

"The most beautiful trip. Beauty of nature that I saw in manali was amazing, Localities are very friendly and make me feel like it's my home. Wonderful hospitality by local peoples. The food was amazing that connect me through their hart."